Your most commonly asked questions on sleep, beds and mattresses, and Dreamworx Bedding. We only use the best materials manufactured in accordance with the approved SABS standards in the manufacturing of our beds to be able to fulfil our proposition of offering the best beds at the best price thereby ensuring that the quality of our beds stand up to the warranty we offer.

Why choose Dreamworx Bedding?
The Dreamworx Bedding promise is offered to every one of our customers. This promise guarantees you the best value from the best range, the best advice and the best service, all at the best price. These principles enable us to remain true to you: the customer, from your first contact and long after you have made your purchase. We are sleep professionals and we are determined to understand your sleep, support and comfort needs. We are completely independent and therefore are not tied to any particular brand, that is why we are able to focus on exactly what is right for your needs. We know every feature and benefit of all our products we recommend, and always strive to ensure that you get the best possible sleep solution for you.
How can Dreamworx Bedding offer the best price and still give excellent customer service?
We are an independently owned company that does not need a big head office or complex management structure. This means we are not burdened by shareholders or hefty operational expenses. We deal with manufacturers directly, and we are able to negotiate the best prices from all our suppliers. This allows us to invest more into our exceptional customer service!
How important is getting a good night’s rest?
Sleep recharges our bodies and minds, it is vital for our health, emotionally, physically and mentally. A lack of sleep can lead to bad tempers, the inability to focus and perform any task, delusions and even road rage and so much more.
How important is my posture to my well-being
The correct posture is extremely important for your spine, nerves, muscles and blood circulation. Sleep disturbance, shoulder, back and neck pain can be relieved significantly (or even prevented) with the correct posture that comes from sleeping on the correct mattress. Not only will the correct mattress help your posture but a great pillow will too.
Is sleeping on an old mattress really that bad
An old mattress does not offer your body the comfort and support it needs during those hours of sleep. You may notice interrupted sleep or waking up with aches and pains. Throw the old one out and rather look after your body by choosing the right mattress for you.
Why can’t I choose just any mattress?
Choosing the right mattress for your own specific needs will benefit your both psychically and mentally bringing in a sharp increase in restful sleep. You spend at least a third of your life in a bed. The more quality sleep you get the healthier and happier you’ll be. There are so many different specifications in mattresses that it can be a challenge to find the right one. That’s why our consultants are here to help you!
How do I choose the right mattress?
It is important to consider who will be sleeping on your mattress. Is it a child, adult or elderly person? Is it for one person or two? Would you like the extra space afforded by a queen size or king size mattress? Do you suffer back, neck or mobility problems? Speak to one of our consultants who will advise you on exactly what mattresses fit your needs as well as your budget, you could also consult with your Doctor to see what they recommend for you. Take your time to get a feel for each mattress. Lie on the mattress (together if you’re a couple) so that you can get a real feel for the comfort and support you will benefit from it every night.
How much should I spend on a new mattress?
A lower cost mattress is not necessarily less effective than a model costing three or four times as much, and a well-known brand-name mattress is not always best suited to your needs. The most important thing to consider is what is right for you by getting the best advice on the products available and trying out as many as you need to.
Why does a new mattress feel uncomfortable at first
A new mattress is a much like a new pair of shoes; it takes a couple of weeks to settle in to your unique shape and size. Generally, that means that your mattress will become more comfortable over time while retaining its all important support and comfort for your body.
Why do body impressions occur on a mattress?
Body impressions on your mattress of up to 4cm are perfectly normal; these are layers which set and conform to your unique individual body contours. The layers of high quality comfort layers are designed to compress with use and you will notice that they are more prominent in the morning, after sleep. Body impressions are not a structural defect and should not be confused with sagging. However, turning your mattress regularly will extend the life of your mattress.
What is the best possible sleep solution for a child?
The best mattress for a child is one that will provide all the support and comfort that a rapidly growing little body needs. Your child will spend more time in contact with their mattress than anything else. A simple piece of foam may not be the most supportive platform. A child grows most during sleep and a good mattress will aid healthy bodily development, helping to prevent muscular-skeletal disorders in later life.
How do I care for my new bed set?
Turning or rotating your mattress each month will help it last longer by evening the pressure on each side that it endures over time. You should also consider a mattress protector that not only protects against spillage but will also help prevent dust and bed mites – a common cause of allergies. Keep the mattress clean and dry and vacuum it each time you turn it.
How do deliveries work?
Dreamworx Bedding offers delivery in Gauteng, South Africa. Your consultant will assist you in arranging for the delivery of your purchase. Please make sure you or someone you trust is available to let our delivery guys in.
How do I make it easier and quicker for the delivery team?

To best prepare for your new bed and to make it easier for our team to assemble or bring in your new bed, follow these actions:

  • Strip your old bed of any linen.
  • Move anything that can be broken out of the way (It’s not easy moving around a huge bed).
  • Make sure it is as easy as possible for our delivery team to move through your house to your bedroom without tripping over anything or worrying about knocking anything of the walls.
  • Be ready for our delivery team, make sure you or someone you trust is available and ready to let our team in.
What happens to my old mattress?
Dreamworx Bedding offers you the opportunity to safely dispose of your old bed set. We will be happy to remove your old mattress set to be sent for charitable donation. Please note that we can only offer the mattress removal service when a Dreamworx Bedding delivery team makes the delivery and not a Courier company.
What guarantees does Dreamworx Bedding offer?
Our Factory Guarantees range from 1 year to 2 years depending on which mattress you choose. Please make sure to read all information properly when purchasing online or ask your consultant!